2 Seasons

Follow everyone’s favorite Western TV family, the Cartwrights. A father with three sons, who all have different mothers, confront life’s issues together on Ponderosa Ranch near Virginia City, NV.

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  • The Gunmen

    Episode 1

    Hoss and Joe get themselves involved in a family feud. Ellen Corby, Henry Hull, and George Mitchell guest star.

  • The Fear Merchants

    Episode 2

    The Chinese citizens of Virginia City are targeted by a mayoral candidate's campaign to "hate outsiders". Philip Ahn and Helen Westcott guest star.

  • The Spanish Grant

    Episode 3

    A pair of swindlers team with a dance-hall girl (Patricia Medina) to get their hands on Nevada land, including the Ponderosa. Sebastian Cabot and Paul Picerni guest star.

  • Blood On The Land

    Episode 4

    A greedy sheepherder Everett Sloane is determined to fatten his animals on the Ponderosa grasslands.

  • Desert Justice

    Episode 5

    Adam and Hoss try to help a ranch hand (Wesley Lau) whose being taken to California for trial by a brutal U.S. marshal (Claude Akins).

  • The Stranger

    Episode 6

    A vengeful police inspector (Lloyd Nolan) from New Orleans jeopardizes Ben's bid for the governorship.

  • Escape to Ponderosa

    Episode 7

    Ben starts to have second thoughts about helping a brutal stockade commander track down three prisoners on the lam. Joe Maross, Gloria Talbott, and Grant Williams guest star.

  • The Avenger

    Episode 8

    A mysterious stranger (Vic Morrow) helps Hoss and Joe to save Ben and Adam before they're hanged like his father.

  • The Last Trophy

    Episode 9

    A British couple visits the Cartwrights - and the woman (Hazel Court) thinks her own husband is a coward. Edward Ashley and Bert Freed guest star.

  • San Francisco

    Episode 10

    Ben is shanghaied at the Barbary Coast while searching for a pair of ranch hands. Kathleen Crowley, Richard Deacon, James Hong, and David White.

  • Bitter Water

    Episode 11

    The Cartwrights are worried their water will be polluted when their neighbor (Rhys Williams) threatens to sell his land to a miner.

  • Feet of Clay

    Episode 12

    Hoss attempts to comfort a boy (David Ladd) whose father is in jail, but not for long.

  • Dark Star
    Episode 13

    Dark Star

    Episode 13

    Joe romances a Gypsy (Susan Harrison) who thinks she's a witch.

  • Death at Dawn

    Episode 14

    A criminal gang that has taken over Virginia City kidnaps Ben. Paul Carr, Robert Middleton, and Morgan Woodward guest star.