PBR Global Cup: Price for Glory

PBR Global Cup: Price for Glory

8 Episodes

PBR Global Cup: Price for Glory chronicles the PBR Global Cup team selection process. Coaches are given the arduous task of hand selecting the six best cowboys to represent their respective country. The 8-part series is a gut-wrenching and exclusive look into this pressure-packed journey for our Global Cup hopefuls and coaches. It’s a road of sacrifice, heartbreak, and for the chosen few, a shot at glory as they represent their country in the “Olympics of Bull Riding.” Only six will be chosen for each team. Who will make the cut?

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PBR Global Cup: Price for Glory
  • Episode 1: Road to the Global Cup

    Episode 1

    Go inside the international team bull riding spectacle the PBR Global Cup. Relive the highs and heartbreaks through the lens of our PBR coaches and cowboys who experienced it all.

  • Episode 2: Clash of the Titans

    Episode 2

    Learn the philosophies of the six PBR Global Cup head coaches and investigate each team’s identity within the competition. The long-standing rivalry between USA and Brazil is examined, while other teams identify what stands in their way of achieving superiority

  • Episode 3: Building Dynasties

    Episode 3

    Witness the pressure that comes with the selection process in what many would call the world’s toughest sport. Learn what the coaches from Team USA Eagles, Brazil and Australia are looking for on their rosters as they challenge the attitudes and hearts of prospective riders.

  • Episode 4: Wolves & Underdogs

    Episode 4

    Team Canada relives its dismal 2019 PBR Global Cup performance and the subsequent controversial coaching change. Team USA Wolves brings in legendary bull rider Ted Nuce as its new head coach. Team Mexico looks to build off its best PBR Global Cup performance by hosting a training camp for 2020 ho...

  • Episode 5: International Community

    Episode 5

    The lives of PBR riders and the tightknit community they have created are explored. Team Brazil’s Jose Vitor Leme, Team USA Eagles’ Cody Teel, and Team USA Wolves’ Keyshawn Whitehorse show their home ranches and reveal inspirations ahead of the team selection process. Team Australia and Team USA ...

  • Episode 6: Music City Cowboys & Punching Up

    Episode 6

    The window to stand out in front of the PBR Global Cup coaches is closing and the rise of some rookies are threatening veteran team slots. Cody Nance and Ryan Dirteater share the importance of representing their communities while Team Mexico coaches continue camp at the Davis Rodeo Ranch.

  • Episode 7: Clearing the Air

    Episode 7

    Prospective PBR Global Cup riders lay it on the line for their respective country. Team USA Eagles coaches address concerns with a high-profile prospect. Team Canada coaches look to find common ground with their riders. Get an inside glimpse into the life of a bucking bull.

  • Episode 8: Countdown

    Episode 8

    All team coaches update us on their final draft boards, revealing the progress they’ve seen through scouting, their first picks for 2020, and who else is on the cusp of selection. Final predictions for the 2020 PBR Global Cup are made, and only one question remains: who will pay the price for glo...