PBR Ride to Glory

PBR Ride to Glory

38 Episodes

Follow true-grit PBR cowboys down the road to bull riding glory. Come along for the ride as world-class riders face off with the rankest bulls of the PBR.

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PBR Ride to Glory
  • Denver Day 2

    Episode 1

    Day 2 at the PBR Velocity Tour Denver. Jess Lockwood leads the competition. Exclusive interviews with Joe Frost and Cody Nance.

  • Denver Day 3

    Episode 2

    Jess Lockwood, Danilo Carlos Sobrinho, and Cody Nance duke it out for the big prize at the PBR Velocity Tour Denver Finals.

  • Portland, OR

    Episode 3

    The Australian Champ Aaron Kleier faces off with Texas rookie Mason Taylor at the Portland Classic. Plus, an exclusive interview with Cody Casper.

  • Youngstown Day 1

    Episode 4

    Michael Lane soars into the arena atop a wicked bull named Resident Evil. Brazilian newcomer Danilo Carlos Sobrinho continues his American domination. Plus, go beyond the ride to an Oklahoma farm with Cody Rodeo Tyler.

  • Youngstown Day 2

    Episode 5

    Danilo Carlos Sobrinho and Michael Lane duke it out on day 2 of the Youngstown Invitational. Carlos Garcia gets back in the chute after an injury on day 1. And, Colby Yates shares his secret to getting in the zone.

  • Knoxville, TN

    Episode 6

    Dylan Smith, 19-year-old cowboy, roars into the arena at the Knoxville Invitational. Ouncie Mitchell takes a hard hit in the chute. Plus, an exclusive interview with Australian cowboy, Jason Mara.

  • Edinburg, TX

    Episode 7

    Texas boys Ezekiel and Ouncie Mitchell ride back to back at the Edinburg Invitational. Junio Quaresima fights it out with a bull named Dirty Little Secret. Plus, Sean Willingham talks about being a father.

  • Jacksonville, FL

    Episode 8

    Taylor Toves takes on Sharky in Jacksonville. Veteran Reese Cates jumps back in the arena at the PBR Velocity Tour. Plus, Stormy Wing shares his grillin' secrets.

  • Worcester, MA

    Episode 9

    Daniel Tinsman gets in the pit atop Pit Pull. Devon Weaver goes jump for jump with Benchmark. Plus, Bryan Titman and Tye Chandler chat American versus Brazilian bull ropes.

  • Hampton, VA
    Episode 10

    Hampton, VA

    Episode 10

    Brady Sims makes a comeback on Mr. Valentine. Ueberson Duarte dukes it out with Blue On Black. Plus, Kurt Shephard and Carlos Garcia discuss headgear.

  • Bangor Day 1

    Episode 11

    Day 1, Eduardo Oliveira fights it out aboard Levi. Alex Jenkins and Jake Lockwood are neck and neck. Plus, champion Brazilian bull rider Luis Blanco talks about balancing work and family.

  • Bangor Day 2

    Episode 12

    Bryan Titman clashes with Mud Duck on day 2 of the Bangor Classic. Plus, Chandler Bounds interviews Bryan Titman.

  • Bangor Day 3

    Episode 13

    Lawson Nobbs, Lucas Souza, and Bryan Titman fight for gold in the Bangor Classic Finals. Cody Rodeo Tyler tackles Bocephus. Plus, an exclusive interview with Ouncie Mitchell and Bryan Titman.

  • Wheeling Day 1

    Episode 14

    World Champion JB Mauney joins the crew on day 1 in Wheeling. Marco Eguchi fights his way back up in the World Standings. Plus, JB goes behind the chutes.

  • Wheeling Day 2

    Episode 15

    World Champion JB Mauney joins the crew for the finals in Wheeling. Derek Kolbaba takes a “Roll of the Dice.” Plus, Stormy Wing reflects on his buck off from round 1.

  • Fresno Day 1

    Episode 16

    Jake Lockwood shocks the arena on Angry Elf. Marco Eguchi and Francisco Torres go ride for ride. Plus, Cody Webster shares on living his childhood dream of professional bull fighting.

  • Fresno Day 2

    Episode 17

    River Stephenson comes out the gate strong. Bryan Titman shares his childhood passion for pro rodeo. And Marco Antonio Eguchi takes the lead, with Francisco Torres closing in.

  • Casper, WY
    Episode 18

    Casper, WY

    Episode 18

    Keyshawn Whitehorse takes the spotlight and goes the distance. Luis Blanco gives a standout performance. And Thor Hoefer II talks about what it takes to dedicate his life to bull riding.

  • Bakersfield, CA

    Episode 19

    It’s a three-man standoff in Bakersfield, California between Dalton Krantz, Bryan Titman, and Koal Livingston. And, the athletes share their biggest cowboy superstitions.

  • Wichita, KS
    Episode 20

    Wichita, KS

    Episode 20

    In Wichita, Kansas, Paulo Lima grapples with Little Tucker, while Daylon Swearingen closes in with Test Me! And Kenny McElroy talks about the real stars of the show.

  • Des Moines, IA

    Episode 21

    It’s a three man standoff in Des Moines, Iowa between Devon Weaver, Leonardo Lima, and Manoelito de Souza Junior. Meanwhile, Michael Lane inches ahead of the competition.

  • Big Sky Day 1

    Episode 22

    Top bull riders rally in Big Sky, Montana, as world leader Chase Outlaw goes head to head with Joao Ricardo Vieira. Meanwhile, Dalton Kasel pulls off a surprise ride on Deep Water.

  • Big Sky Day 2

    Episode 23

    The world class rodeo in Big Sky, Montana continues after a dramatic injury from Chase Outlaw. No. 4 in the world, Joao Ricardo Vieira comes to take the crown on Free Wiskey.

  • Big Sky Day 3

    Episode 24

    It’s an action-packed finish to a super-sized rodeo in Big Sky, Montana. While the world’s top rodeo stars fill the arena, Dalton Kasel steals the show on Deep Water.