Racer's Edge

Racer's Edge

5 Episodes

Racer’s Edge hosts detailed, personal interviews with the barrel racing industry’s leading trainers and competitors to understand their background and journey to success. Barrel racing isn’t just a sport; it’s choosing to live a lifestyle filled with peaks, valleys, and most importantly moments. Moments filled to the brim with life and emotion and it’s our job to share them.

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Racer's Edge
  • Ashley Schafer - The Journey to Here

    Episode 1

    We visit Ashley Schafer at her home in Texas to talk in detail about her family, beginning with horses, training methods, competition, and the journey of her successful barrel racing career. Excellent training tips for young horses and words of wisdom for those wanting to pursue a career horse ba...

  • Dena Kirkpatrick - Embracing Change

    Episode 2

    Renowned futurity trainer and professional barrel racer, Dena Kirkpatrick, reflects on embracing change and the secret to her success in and out of the arena.

  • Hailey Kinsel's Only Sister

    Episode 3

    Visit the home of world champion barrel horse racer Hailey Kinsel in Cotulla, TX as she discusses her roots that shaped her and her horse Sister's career.

  • MP Meter My Hay | The Matriarch of a Lasting Legacy

    Episode 4

    Four-time World Champion Barrel Racer Sherry Cervi shares insight into training and her life changing horses, past, present and future…and the role they played in her monumental career. 

  • The Telfords | The West’s Modern Family

    Episode 5

    Get a glimpse into the West’s first family, the Telfords! Jessie Telford, professional Barrel Racer, and husband Jake Telford, professional cow horse trainer, show what it really means to be a modern family in the western way of life.